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After years of being tortured by the wrath of pesky mosquitoes and ticks, and no longer willing to drench ourselves in harmful chemicals, we set out to make a natural and organic EFFECTIVE insect repellent that we could share with our family and friends of all ages.

Using Natural & Certified Organic Essential Oils, we developed a bug spray that repels mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, flies, gnats and other annoying critters safely and effectively, without DEET or any other harmful synthetic chemicals.

A combination of carefully formulated Organic Witch Hazel, Filtered Water, Rose Geranium Oil and Organic Lemongrass, Organic Lavender, Organic Citronella and Organic Geranium oils create a potent combination that keeps those bugs away! Generous amounts of essential oils go into each bottle, providing protection from bugs while having a great scent. Safe for use on people of all ages as well as your furry friends!

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3 reviews for Hugs Not Bugs Bug Spray

  1. CJO525 (via Etsy)

    I have purchased this product two seasons in a row now. It works very well at preventing mosquitos, especially on my very bite-prone two year old. I love that I can prevent my kids from getting bites while also avoiding the chemicals of normal sprays. I have one bottle at home and one in our diaper bag. The vendor couldn’t be nicer and she packages the spray in such a cute way, even including an adorable turtle bracelet. – CJO525 on Jun 18, 2016 (via Etsy)

  2. Deidre Holland

    I have used this product many times and it has never failed. I just returned from the Delaware beach for a week. I came prepared as I heard the flies were bad. Used the spray a couple times throughout the day and no flies around me. However the others on the beach in our party that did not use Hugs No Bugs were being bitten. I soon convinced them of how well it worked. Later in the week we were outside at night. Mosquitoes were biting. I took out my Hugs No Bugs and NO mosquitoes! Love the smell too. Will be buying more.

  3. droryan1 (via Etsy)

    I love the bug spray! It keeps the bugs away from me when usually I am attacked! I even put it on my dog. What’s even better is the scent of the spray, it’s awesome. It smells like lemon, so you feel clean. I love to wear it because it doesn’t smell like chemical-filled bug spray, and doesn’t give you that sticky feeling that other bug sprays do. The owner was very attentive, and even let me know when my package was going to arrive. She sends the spray in a very cute package, and wrote me a nice note. I would recommend to everyone!

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